RFP-3: Game for attendees


The Devcon team is looking for fun activities and games for attendees during the conference.


Devcon is a unique experience to discover and learn about Ethereum. This can be done in multiple ways and, well aware of the intensity 4 days of conference represent, including moments to unwind and have fun are all the more important. Imagine meeting a speaker you’ve been following for the last year and challenging him/her to a table football game!

We are looking for some original and fun games, and if they are related or incorporate blockchain somehow even better. This unique playground area at Devcon will be a high energy space for people to have fun, disconnect, and interact in a funny way, with old and new friends. Ideal as a networking space, also.


  1. Games can be played for several times in one day. The playground will be accessible throughout the day and we wan’t the activities in the area to be accessible at least during the morning or during the afternoon, or even better, all day long.

  2. Game monitoring is ensured by its team. You need to ensure that you and your team will have the time to run the game and ensure its well-functioning throughout Devcon.

  3. The game needs to be done indoors. Not outdoors.

  4. If your idea is Ethereum or Blockchain related, it’s even better! We are always trying to find ways for people to interact and learn in new ways, if a game can lead to it, it’s even better


  • We have to design the space to accommodate all games. What are the dimensions of your game? What space would you require to implement it?
  • Some games are one-on-one, some games can be played with many teams. How many players can participate at once?
  • How long would one game last? We’d like to know how many different people would be able to play in one day.
  • Does it need electricity to run? If yes, please give us some details.
  • Any security measure required to play the game?


Comment below for questions, clarifications, or simple ideas. If you have a proposed solution, start a new topic that details it specifically, and welcome comments, feedback, and discussion! The idea should address all points made here, as well as all requirements laid out in DIP-0. After evaluation of your idea, we may ask for a more in-depth demo.

Deadline to Submit your DIP

All DIPs responding to this RFP must be submitted by February 28th, 2021.

Several DIPs will have the possibility to be implemented


Digitible would like to take this up.
We’ll confer internally and come back with a proposal.

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