RFP-7: Ethereum SEA Day

:bulb: TLDR;

This RFP invites the community to participate in designing and executing the upcoming Ethereum SEA Day, the event dedicated to advancing the Ethereum ecosystem in SEA (Southeast Asia).

:rocket: Objectives

Ethereum SEA Day is a 1-day event on the day before Devcon, right at the venue where Devcon will happen afterwards. The event is dedicated to objectives that are specific to advancing the Ethereum ecosystem in SEA:

  1. To onboard newcomers in SEA onto Ethereum to learn more about Ethereum, its values, its technology and its possibilities, directly serving those with limited prior exposure to the Ethereum ecosystem who desire to learn more.
  2. To facilitate SEA community leaders to share their insights and align on the future of Ethereum in Southeast Asia.
  3. To spotlight SEA initiatives, connecting regional leaders and participants, fostering local networking opportunities, enabling meaningful collaborations and partnerships within the SEA Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

:people_holding_hands: Target Audience

These are the audiences we expect to meet at Ethereum SEA Day:

  1. General public hearing about Ethereum the first time and curious to know what Ethereum is all about
  2. Web2 developers looking to get into web3
  3. University and high-school students looking to learn how to build on web3
  4. Artists looking to learn and contribute to the on-chain culture
  5. Academics looking for ways to conduct interesting research on Ethereum and web3
  6. Public sector & social sector professionals seeking to understand and potentially adopt blockchain and Ethereum into their work

:date: Date

The entire day of November 11th, 2024

:classical_building: Venue & expected capacity

Devcon team will be providing parts of Devcon’s venue itself at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok for this event.

We will be able to accommodate approximately 1,000 attendees with the possibility to adapt to larger demand. The event can have many activities throughout the day. Smaller workshop rooms, foyer areas, etc. are available to accommodate different types of activities within the Ethereum SEA Day.

:person_raising_hand: Request for Proposals & Suggestions

We are looking to hear your ideas that meet the objective(s) laid out above. Some ideas we’d like to have your inputs on:

  1. Speakers suggestions
  2. Interesting workshop / focus group ideas
  3. Creative use of foyer areas
  4. Other creative usage of an empty ballroom
  5. Other ideas to drive the Ethereum ecosystem in Southeast Asia

An idea could be as simple as a few sentences long, or a high level plan with whats and hows.

We’ll cutoff for the 1st round of review on July 10th, 2024, but we’ll continue to review any suggestions after that as well.

Looking forward to your suggestions as a comment below or submit through our Suggestion Form. Alternatively feel free to reach out to unnawut@ethereum.org or Telegram: unnawut.

Special thanks to QZ, Jern and Harith for inputs into drafting the RFP above <3


Hi all! I received some feedback around having a suggestion form. Here you go! https://ethereum-sea-day.paperform.co/

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Another quick update! We’ll cutoff for the 1st round of review on July 10th but we’ll continue to review any suggestions after that as well!

RFP - 7.1 Ethereum SEA Day



To amplify Ethereum SEA Day’s impact, we propose organising community delegations from various SEA countries to create targeted sessions, enhancing the event’s effectiveness and foster long-term programs for the region.


Ethereum SEA Day, set for November 11th, 2024, unites Southeast Asia’s Ethereum communities ahead of Devcon SEA. The event aims to onboard newcomers, facilitate leader discussions, and highlight regional initiatives. We propose organising community delegations from SEA countries, including developers, leaders, academics, public sector professionals, and student organisation leaders. This strategy aims to enhance discussions, forge connections, and drive Ethereum’s growth and adoption in Southeast Asia.

Motivation & Rationale

Devcon is a family reunion for the Ethereum community, which can be daunting for newcomers. By organising delegations instead of individual attendees, SEA participants can foster connections and meet like-minded people before the event. This approach aims to form strong social bonds, enhancing the overall Devcon experience. Furthermore, this can allow local communities to reach out to people adjacent to Ethereum that are curious and would like to contribute but haven’t had the chance to as it provides a structure for their onboarding into the ecosystem.

This pre-event exposure significantly benefits SEA-based projects, creating numerous opportunities for developers and community builders.

Our objectives are to:

  • Onboard Newcomers:
    • Introduce community members with similar interests cross-delegations.
    • Share introductory sessions for first-time Ethereum conference attendees.
  • Enhance Attendee Experience:
    • Foster a sense of community and shared purpose, giving each country’s delegates their own swag to identify each other.
    • Provide a comfortable environment to discuss regional challenges and opportunities.
  • Engage a Curated Audience:
    • Invite specific delegates with relevant experience such as developers, leaders, academics, public sector professionals, and students organisation leaders.
    • Host focus group discussions around curated topics decided beforehand and facilitated by experienced members of the Ethereum community.
  • Facilitate Meaningful Connections:
    • Structured networking sessions and facilitated introductions.
    • Action-oriented discussions leading to lasting collaborations and partnerships focused on sharing resources, collectively planning future events, and identifying common needs.


Before Ethereum SEA Day

August - early October
Outreach and Coordination with Speakers/Community Leaders:

  • Select delegation leads: Open call for local Ethereum community leaders from SEA.
  • Onboarding: Detailed briefing to selected delegation leads on profile of delegates, expectations, and operations.
  • Selection: Each delegation independently reviews and selects the top 20-25 delegates based on criterion by early October to facilitate planning.
  • Experience design: Design unique logos, emblems and swag for each delegation to be given out at Ethereum SEA Day as memorabilia and as an identifier for DevconSEA to meet other delegates

Marketing and Participant Recruitment:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Promote the event across Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Ethereum forums.
  • Devcon Channels: Utilise Devcon’s communication channels for broader outreach.
  • Expected Attendance: Aim for 150 delegates across 6 communities.

Agenda formation

  • Participatory approach: Survey all delegates on what they would like to discuss, who they would like to meet, and what their expectations are for Ethereum SEA Day.
  • Program design: Invite speakers from the Ethereum ecosystem, select facilitators, and plan for logistics and manpower.

During Ethereum SEA Day

11 November 2024

  • Registration and Welcome Coffee: Facilitate check-in and initial networking, giving out participant identifiers for each delegate.
  • Keynote Session and Panels: Host keynote and panel discussions with industry leaders.
  • Workshops/Focus Groups: Conduct multiple sessions on various topics.
  • Networking Opportunities: Facilitate structured networking during breaks.
  • Closing Remarks: Wrap up the event with closing remarks and final networking.

After Ethereum SEA Day

Feedback Collection:

  • Distribute feedback surveys to all attendees, speakers, and facilitators using tools like Survey Dapp.
  • Gather insights on the event’s organisation, content, and overall experience. Ask for suggestions for improvement for future events.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

Devcon team needs to be involved in the following manner:

  • Venue Support:
    • Provide and manage the physical space at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).
    • Ensure that all necessary facilities and infrastructure are in place and functioning.
  • Marketing and Promotion:
    • Assist in promoting the event to a wider audience through Devcon’s established channels.
    • Support the creation and distribution of promotional materials.
  • Technical and Operational Support:
    • Offer technical assistance to ensure the smooth operation of digital and AV equipment.
    • Provide logistical support for setting up and managing the venue.
  • Tickets for Delegations
    • Guaranteeing DevconSEA tickets and Ethereum SEA tickets to delegates
    • Providing a small budget for memorabilia (eg. a country pin with DevconSEA colours that can be used throughout the conference as an identifier to other delegates too)

As a proposer of this initiative, Qing Ze Hum qz@ethereumsingapore.com from Ethereum Singapore is excited to take the lead in coordinating amongst different SEA communities to implement this proposal.

Links & Additional Information


I’m from Mexico and I’m planning to attend, happy to contribute explaining ethereum fundamentals, onboarding people, whatever!

Representing ETH63 (Philippines) and we’re definitely excited to support this leading to Devcon7. Might be too late but we’ll fill up the form as well regarding some ideas

Thanks @Hiba_K @Ariiellus and @Rightside for the suggestions. They are well received!

We’ll also be continuously monitoring this thread and the form going forward!

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