SEAsia SWAG ideas

The amazing turkish towels at devconnect got me thinking:

Regardless of the hosting city, Devcon7 is going to represent the web3 Southeast Asia community as a whole. With ample time to prepare, it would be great to coordinate around swag items that bring something unique from each country, so that all of SEAsia is represented.

Alternatively, thinking about pan-SEAsian items or item categories that have regional variations, such as hats, sarongs/pants, coffee makers, shoulder bags, etc. Having similar but varying SEAsian items is in keeping with the SEAsian mantra of ‘same same, but different’ – and would be a great way for people to rep their home style, or learn about regional differences and similarities. Google “milk tea alliance” for a good example of this pan-asian cooperative spirit.

One positive externality here is that a diverse collection of swag items could all be sourced and made locally, distributing business more in the region, instead of all going toward procurement in the hosting city/country.

Here are some random ideas I had for items:

  • Lacquerware.
  • Sarong/Longyi, pants, hats, or other textiles (especially diverse with ethnic or regional variations within countries).
  • Electric mosquito rackets.
  • Tea cups , teas.
  • Special snacks (the kind you’d buy at a bus depot to bring to co-workers and extended family).

I don’t know how to move forward with this idea practically, but I thought I would run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

At a minimum, I suppose different Ethereum communities from the respective SEAsian countries would need to have representatives willing to coordinate procurement after there has been a discussion about item themes and possibilities.

EDIT: ASEAN is not the right set to reference as it excludes Timore-Leste, HK/Macau/Taiwan, PapuaNG, and any other folks who feel culturally/historically if not politically part of the region called SEAsia.


Love these ideas (just except the electric mosquito rackets)
But the rest sounds quite useful and unique - guess people will appreciate it. Just imagining several Ethereans walking around in DEVCon Sarongs.



I think this is one of the most useful devices for all of SEAsia… but yeah maybe a bit too much for swag


I think we should not hand out swag that kills
But your other ideas where great!


I’d love to see an option to choose between regular T-shirt and sleeveless shirt (FOR MAN!). Never, not once, have I ever seen that swag at any event.


Wide brimmed (sun protection), colourful hats (identifiable though has pros and cons).
Pink unicorn bucket hats, sized so they fit large heads.

Saw lots of posts of people at Devconnect with their frog hats.


Whatever idea gets implemented, I believe Devcon should (continue to) lead in environmental friendliness!
So I like local sourcing, I am sceptical about anything with sizes/cut (clothes), but strongly favor quality over quantity and ideally opt-in/payment for swag, like with the Devconnect towels.
That will reduce waste dramatically!


I am always eaten by mosquitoes so a repellent free of harmful chemicals (lemongrass oil etc. based) is very welcome.
I also think that flip-flops of good quality will make it to many more eth events in the warm weather.
We’re thinking of bringing our kid along so having this next generation of crypto natives in mind is much appreciated when exploring swag options <3


Mosquito repellents are a better choice!

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Special snacks and beverages would be great.

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