Support for off-conference events

A big part of Devcon are without a doubt the off-conference events. Last year there were several websites collecting those, the biggest one probably being

I feel like this could be a bit more supported by the official conference. Maybe with two tiers:

1: Official off-devcon events
2: Open list

For the official ones event hosts have to register and apply in advance. This could then also be managed to avoid having too many high-quality events at the same time and day.

But either way, even without tiers just having one list with all events would be quite helpful.

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What does it mean “official” in this case? Just a label?

Last year, there were 5 different event lists and I was the main organiser of one of them . Many side event list organisers do so for business opportunities (some of our members local in Japan offered event coordination services and I am aware that offdevcon team were also offering some professional services) so probably they would do it even if “official” version comes up.