Vote on your favorite Devcon 7 location on Salsa

We launched a poll where you can vote on your favorite city from the proposals in the forum. Anyone who attended a Devcon conference in the past and can prove it on-chain is eligible to submit a vote!

Download the Salsa app on iOS/Android. Connect your wallet to prove you’re eligible (you can also connect via desktop) and join the group chat. It’s that easy to participate!

The front-runner in the poll right now is Singapore :singapore:! We will give the community until Monday to vote. Excited to see which incredible location will win!

Remember that the Devcon team is taking into account a lot of important data points such as logistics and where the Ethereum community can have the greatest impact. Your vote on Salsa will provide another data point.

GO GO GO :rocket:


Vote for ChingMai! But i dont hacve any poap


How can we vote for Chiang Mai we love Chiang Mai so much!