Vote on your favorite Devcon 7 location on Salsa

We launched a poll where you can vote on your favorite city from the proposals in the forum. Anyone who attended a Devcon conference in the past and can prove it on-chain is eligible to submit a vote!

Download the Salsa app on iOS/Android. Connect your wallet to prove you’re eligible (you can also connect via desktop) and join the group chat. It’s that easy to participate!

The front-runner in the poll right now is Singapore :singapore:! We will give the community until Monday to vote. Excited to see which incredible location will win!

Remember that the Devcon team is taking into account a lot of important data points such as logistics and where the Ethereum community can have the greatest impact. Your vote on Salsa will provide another data point.

GO GO GO :rocket:


Vote for ChingMai! But i dont hacve any poap


How can we vote for Chiang Mai we love Chiang Mai so much!

Chiang mai is definitely the best place , i vote for chiang mai

Chiang Mai all the way! Great conference area, great community of buidlers. Singapore is cool for business but is expensive for devs to attend. Chiang Mai has both cheap and luxurious hotels for all budgets, and for any budget you get so much more out of $100 in Chiang Mai. There are direct flights from Singapore, Taipei, etc to Chiang Mai. We chose Chiang Mai at Yellow Incubator because it’s the perfect place to bootstrap a company due to the low cost of life and great communities. Chiang Mai is often ranked number 1 city to work remotely for digital nomads and the communities are vibrant. The local Thai communities are also very strong and organize cool rather big crypto events but DevCon will be the perfect opportunity to bring both local and foreign communities together under the single umbrella of empowering the people with Ethereum’s decentralized trustless lightweight computing layer.