We are giving away free lodging to 10 Devcon attendees

TL;DR: Startup Embassy is giving away free lodging for 10 lucky winners who are attending Devcon Bogota. Dates: October 10th - October 15th, location: a nice hotel within walking distance from the venue(*).

Hi! I’m Mama Carlos, founder of Startup Embassy. I hope I post it in the right place. I’m as excited as you probably are to attend Devcon Bogota. I’ve always missed the coliving experience we foster at Startup Embassy in large events like Devcon. I’m the type of guy that is not that interested in the talks and spends most of the time in the corridors meeting new people. For that reason, I wish the community experience of those events would start the day before when we all arrive at the hotels and would be extended beyond just the event or the parties associated with it.

I’ve always thought that Devcon should have a coliving: for those of us who don’t mind sharing a room with a couple of people, especially if they are like-minded and are attending the same event where we are hoping to connect anyways, a coliving brings another level to the experience. If you are a solo founder, you won’t need to spend two days until you network and you’ll find a community the first day you arrive in the city.

This is the reason why my team and I have decided to test a new idea: We have booked 10 beds at a nearby hotel within walking distance of Devcon’s venue(*), and we’re giving them free of cost to Devcon attendees who don’t mind sharing a room. There’s just one catch: You must be community-minded and an entrepreneur/builder. The reason is that we see this as an extension of Startup Embassy’s community, which is made exclusively from founders (2k+ in 90 countries). We’re calling this project Startup Embassy Backpacker Edition.

If it works, my idea is to do this in most large web3 events around the world, hopefully giving away 30 to 50 beds each time. I hope we will be able to extend this idea to having more perks, like doing parties, providing safe transport from the airport, or even providing SIM cards with a data connection. I’m sure more ideas will come up.

If you are interested, just fill out the following form:

I came up with this idea just two days ago, so this is the reason why I’m telling this with such short notice. I understand that most of you have already booked a room. My suggestion is to use a booking engine like booking.com and book a room at the hotel you would go to and make sure you can cancel the reservation on the same day of arrival. This way, if you win one of the beds we are giving away, you can cancel your reservation free of cost. I hope this is something that resonates with the web3 community and looking forward to meeting you!

(*) We have booked different hotels. Some are near the venue, others not so much, but we believe are better. We’ll let the community decide which one they prefer.