Web3 Treasure Hunt

Hey! I would love to propose an week-long Treasure Hunt activity to boost engagement within the event. We’re open to suggestions and comments and that might need addressing.

Special thanks to @0xtoucan and @fioscan for their feedback.


During Devconnect, participants will have the chance to participate in an exciting Web 3 treasure hunt.


Every day, the Citizen Map will be published, containing a list of Devconnect Side Events. Participants must attend and collect at least one of the official POAPs at the side event.
In addition, new clues will be revealed during the week to find Unique POAPs, unlocking more opportunities to win the Grand Prize at the end of the week with a ticket to an exclusive event and merchandise.

During the hunt, participants can stay updated and motivated by checking the Daily Leaderboard on social media.


  • Daily Prizes: Among the participants who claim the POAPs (an average of 100-150 badges per event), a daily raffle will be conducted for a chance to win 5 tickets to Devcon 2024.
  • Grand Prize: At the end of the week, the top 10 individuals who claim the most POAPs during the event will win the Surprise Boxes. These boxes will contain exclusive collaborator’s merchandise.

Motivation & Rationale:

  1. Encourage Participation: The Treasure Hunt will incentivize attendees to explore the event and actively participate in Web3-related activities.
  2. Education and Awareness: By linking each POAP to challenges related to key Web3 topics, we promote learning and understanding of the technology.
  3. Promote Community: The activity will foster interactions among attendees and create a sense of community around Devconnect and the collaborators or projects associated with the events. This activity will generate attention on social media and at the event, attracting more people interested in Web3.


  1. Content Planning and Activities Logistics:

    The goal is to connect with event organizers and collaborators with the assistance of the POAP team in order to develop Unique POAPs that align with the values of each event. We will also coordinate communication with the Devconnect Team to ensure that our efforts are in line with the event’s objectives.

  2. Activity Announcements:

    We will focus on two key areas: developing a comprehensive content plan and establishing a posting schedule process (before and during Devconnect) through our social media channels.
    Through these components, we will execute a well-organized and impactful content strategy and keep participants well-informed and engaged.

  3. Execution of the Treasure Hunt activity during the event:

    Our key execution activities include:

    • Actively publish clues to increase anticipation and excitement for both, the hunt and Devonnect Side Events
    • Following closely and respond to participants’ questions
    • Ensure the smooth distribution and announcement of Prizes.
      Throughout all of these steps, we will also foster content collaborations and highlight our collaborators.
  4. Award distribution and announcement of participants:

    Focus will be on distributing and announcing the awards to participants, including announcing the Daily Leaderboard with the top 10 winners of the Big Box Prizes. We will carefully verify compliance with prize conditions and ensure that the prize distribution is carried out smoothly. Additionally, we will express gratitude towards participants on social media and through the event app, further recognizing their contributions and engagement.

Why would event organizers want to participate in this activity?

We create a map of events and activities for each day, driving the community to connect and actively engage with Devconnect.

Furthermore, we provide content that briefly explains each event and why attendees should consider attending.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devconnect?

    Our main goal is to acquire the approval of the Devconnect team to obtain our Prize incentives (5 Devcon 2024 tickets). Once we have received the team’s support, we can continue planning and contacting collaborators and event organizers to enhance our activity further.

  2. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively?

    The Web3 Citizen Collective will take the lead in implementing the Treasure Hunt Activity, ensuring a seamless experience for participants. We will be collaborating closely with the POAP team, who will assist us with the organization and distribution of Unique POAPs.
    Together, we will ensure that participants have a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.


Thanks! The last treasure-hunt we accepted was quite nice (see DIP-4 by social Distortion Protocol lead by @vrde)
We will discuss this proposal next week - to be able to evaluate this better some more details would be nice - e.g.:

  • how does your technical solution look like?
  • did you do treasure hunts in the past? If (yes) how did they go?
  • how do you deal with the problem that side-events are ticket -gated?
  • how do you prevent that the hunt leads to people trying to get a lot of tickets to side events - but not staying at the event the full day?

Please also have a look at DIP-4 - maybe you can get some inspiration there and maybe even use the open-source tooling from them.


Hello Ligi,

We discussed your questions and made some changes to address the potential issues. We also thoroughly reviewed the recommended proposal.

Here is how the activity would look like with a couple of changes in the priority order and also the mode of participation, presenting it in the following way:

  • To participate, you only need to collect 1 POAP per day.
  • Each day, there will be a POAP raffle where two citizens will win two surprise boxes.
  • As soon as you claim one of the participating POAPs of the day through Salsa/XMTP/Push with clear instructions, you will receive a clue.
  • Each day, there will be a clue that will allow participants to unlock a part of the secret phrase. At the end of the 5-day event, those who manage to decipher the phrase will be the 5 winners for the Devcon tickets.

Why the change?

Exactly as you mentioned:

  • There would be no problem with ticket-gated events because there are many options in a day for all types and themes of participation.
  • There is no incentive to leave the events since you only need to choose your favorite one to attend and you’re already participating.
  • Participants must use their ingenuity to participate in the final prizes, but even for those who only attend the events, there is the possibility to claim exclusive swag and have fun.
  • We incentivize the use of other tools, not only POAP, but also decentralized communication using existing protocols in Ethereum.

Finally, I will answer your questions:

How does your technical solution look like?

We will use POAP Fun, a product of POAP that is currently under maintenance, and for Istanbul, the updates will be available along with this activity.

We will use Salsa to send the clues and XMTP/Push for communications. Why three options? It provides diversity of tools and greater engagement with these functionalities within the community.

Communication will be key here, and each step will have clear instructions for community understanding.

Did you do treasure hunts in the past? If yes, how did they go?

Not specifically in Devcon or Devconnect, but POAP has conducted different activities such as a Bingo in Korea and we have benchmarks from other events.

Additionally, in my previous professional experience, we successfully conducted an activity where almost 500 POAPs were minted for web2 users at one of the most important technology events in LATAM. Some of them: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Not to mention, we have the support of the POAP (@fioscan) community to execute this activity.

How do you deal with the problem that side-events are ticket-gated?

On average, there will be 5 to 10 side events each day, and our goal is to have that number of participating events so that each citizen has the opportunity to choose their favorite event. Some events have a cost, while others are completely open.

Since participants only need to claim 1 POAP, the problem disappears as there is no incentive for accumulation, only participation and interest in the favorite activities of the citizen.

Our mission is to have at least 5 participating side events per day, including the Co-Working Devconnect, of course.

How do you prevent the hunt from leading to people trying to get a lot of tickets to side events but not staying at the event the full day?

With this change in structure and the requirement of claiming only 1 POAP, again, the problem disappears as there is no incentive for accumulation, only participation and interest in the favorite activities of the citizen.

I hope each point is clear. Thank you for reviewing this activity and for your feedback.

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@ligi thanks for tagging SDP :sunny:

@ocandocrypto great you want to organize a treasure hunt for devconnect! I see you already have a clear idea on how to proceed. I just wanted to point out that over the last years we at Social Dist0rtion Protocol (SDP for short) developed a free and open source framework to develop and deploy treasure hunts. Ligi already mentioned DIP-4, that gives you an overview on how our system works. Our framework is called THC and you can find it here GitHub - social-dist0rtion-protocol/thc: Treasure Hunt Creator


Hi all! Interesting idea! Based on what I’ve read so far, I think this could be something that happens organically among the community! I don’t think there is need for much support from our team.

But, more than that, I would suggest collaborating with Jubjubs - zk-provable Devconnect mementos - #4 by Mirror DIP — especially from using the zk stamps idea could be interesting. I think @catsnacks might reach out soon!


Hello team, I forgot to reply here.

I thank everyone for their feedback and support.

We are precisely speaking with @catsnacks as soon as we have more progress on the details of the activity we’re going to let you know.