Your Devcon aspirations

Think about Devcon in a few years time, and then a few more years.

Some questions and add your own.

How many people would be there? Will Devcon always have a limit of XX thousand attendees? How hard or easy will it be for anyone to buy a ticket?

There are are many kinds of conferences / events and are there any features or values from them that you believe Devcon should strive/practice for (and adopt if possible)?

Here are some popular ones to start brainstorming with (alphabetically, some may be bad or not provide helpful ideas), and add your own:

  • Apple WWDC
  • Burning Man
  • Chaos Computer Club
  • Consumer Electronics Show
  • Google I/O
  • Mobile World Congress
  • South by Southwest
  • Web Summit

Devcon will always have its own identity. But it is too young to stop striving for some dreams.

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this is not an event but a registered association. This association has events like Chaos Communication Congress or Chaos Communication Camp.

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