Your Devcon aspirations

Think about Devcon in a few years time, and then a few more years.

Some questions and add your own.

How many people would be there? Will Devcon always have a limit of XX thousand attendees? How hard or easy will it be for anyone to buy a ticket?

There are are many kinds of conferences / events and are there any features or values from them that you believe Devcon should strive/practice for (and adopt if possible)?

Here are some popular ones to start brainstorming with (alphabetically, some may be bad or not provide helpful ideas), and add your own:

  • Apple WWDC
  • Burning Man
  • Chaos Computer Club
  • Consumer Electronics Show
  • Google I/O
  • Mobile World Congress
  • South by Southwest
  • Web Summit

Devcon will always have its own identity. But it is too young to stop striving for some dreams.

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this is not an event but a registered association. This association has events like Chaos Communication Congress or Chaos Communication Camp.

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Just want to chime in here and say I think this is a great thought exercise. We’ve discussed similar questions among the team in the past. Everyone has their own perspective — mine is probably that Devcon should be some combo of several of these, though different from any one particular event.
BM and CCC do great at inspiring values alignment and involving the community in the event. DEF CON probably also falls into this group.
WWDC and Google I/O have high quality production in many regards. Smooth events, attendee experience is high quality.
SXSW arguably does a good job ‘decentralizing’ the event beyond their specific program.

I’d probably say each of those aspects are something Devcon (and maybe Devconnect in the case of the last point about decentralizing the event) could/should aim for. But I’m already aware of my thoughts. I would be most curious to hear perspectives from the community.

What would you say @dco? Others?

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In the JavaScript community in early 2010’, the JSCon model was thriving. It was a lot of smaller conferences (sub-1000 attendees, not all named JSCon) with diverse locations or even themes that ended up being places where lots of instrumental tech was presented, discussed and eventually “adopted” (Node.js and React for example, were both introduced at some JSCon, one in Europe (Berlin!) and the the other in the US).


In terms of atmosphere, I like that it’s not ‘just’ a trade show like CES or a conference. Specifically, I liked the open areas like the hacker space, when you’ve met people to have some room for exploration and experimentation. It’s the kind of collaborative creative inception I remembered from demo gatherings; Demoscene - Wikipedia

In some sense there is overlap, as decentralization and its scalability challenges for chains have forced a lot contributors basically to go back to engineering of resource optimization. It’s the interplay of this efficiency focus, combined with the continuous wave of new opportunities for product models which keeps me finding new interesting projects every DLT event :slight_smile: