Zerion DNA at DevCon

Hey guys! Andrey is here :wave: I am integration lead at Zerion.

Firstly, want to say that I can’t wait until October to participate at Devcon :raised_hands:

Secondly, I would like to share with you some info about the campaign we run. You probably heard about Zerion DNA - a dynamic NFT avatar that evolves based on your on-chain activity. At this moment collection contains 37k dynamic NFTs.

Last Thursday, we launched We3 DNA Challange - a campaign that allows people to share their DNA on Twitter and get a chance to win a ticket to Devcon in Bogota.

So far, so good! In the first days of the campaign, it is getting a good traction

Long story short
I wanted to ask your opinion/feedback on two ideas we’ve generated with the team

  1. What do you think about the idea of using tickets to Devcon as the prize?
  2. Are you guys are interested in joining us for scaling the We3 DNA challenge as one of the activations around Devcon
  3. Do you plan to have Devcon NFTs for participants? If so, we would like to find a way to represent the Devcon NFT on users’ DNA in their profiles

Looking forward to your response!


Hey @Skylar, maybe you could advise who should I talk about the campaign with the trip to Bogota ?

Hi @boogaav !

Thanks for your proposal, and please excuse the late response.
Our team will discuss the proposal, and I will come back to you asap.

Have a good week.

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Thanks @Rose :pray:

Btw, we will create DevCon attribute to the DNA NFTs, so people that visited DevCon can add it to their NDA avatar :tada:

It’s not live yet, but we plan to release it by the end of the summer.