A physical Thai street food cart packed with digital art memento of DevCon (instead of rice & curry)

Hi, my name is Rinna, I’m an artist and the founder of ArtGumiDAO, a small community of Web3 artists and creative minds based in Bangkok, active in mostly Japan and Asia (for now).

Personally I have been looking for ways in which artists could participate in building ETH ecosystem together along side developers and engineers. And I think artists are best at creating media/ experience which makes difficult ideas more friendly, fun, and easy to understand for people with different backgrounds.

So we have a fun idea that we would like to create a real Thai style street food cart packed with digital art pieces (instead of rice & curry) and bring it to DevCon venue. The content of the art cart is interactive & participatory arts which people in DevCon could play with then free-mint it as DevCon memento.

Interactive art ideas (so far) include,

Idea Curry - Where people could pick ideas from random curry bags. The ideas are written alongside with thinker’s name and contact for future collaboration.

SCAMMER art - Art game about internet SCAM with the purpose of raising awareness about DYOR in a fun way.

Selfies corner where everyone could take photo with SEA DevCon theme art pieces created by member of ArtGumiDAO.

Thai style street food cart is also very iconic in Bangkok and Southeast Asia where many of ArtGumi members are based in. I think this MEMENTO CART could bring a fun vibe to DevCon. It can be an art cart that engages the interaction of art & tech in Web3.

We would be more than happy to see suggestions and comments so we could improve our ideas to suit the context of DevCon and align with the mission of the Ethereum Foundation better. Please let us know.


Oh wow, this sounds fun!!!


Happy to hear that. Thank you :blush:

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Hi Rinna,

Thank you so much for your creative proposal!

Would be curious to know if you have explored any other local web3 art communities with whom you could collaborate?


Hi there Deva. Yes! I am also a member of NFT & Crypto Art Thailand community (Redirecting...) and well acquainted with the founder of the community too. Many of ArtGumiDAO members are also key members of NFT Asia (https://twitter.com/NFTAsiaOfficial) and Metarupa - Web 3 art community in Indonesia (https://twitter.com/metarupa_). We are very much open to collaborate :blush:

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Good Luck Artgumi community!
Would love to see it happen! <3


Interesting project, i like the dynamic combining local culture and web3 culture!


Would love to see this happen!

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Thank you so much. Would be more than happy to make it fun for everyone in DevCon.

Thank you so much :blush: I’m imagining the world where everyone is opened up to Web3 culture and adopted it in many parts of the world.

Thank you so much! I would love to see everyone enjoys the collaboration of art & tech.

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It’s unique idea and I wanna see this in Bangkok.

I still remember when I met @Rinna first time in Osaka, Japan in 2021.
At the time she didn’t know crypto / NFT anything and I explained at an education event, that she caught up to everything from the day and made a progress step by step and has been starting ArtGumiDAO since then.

It’s a great thing for me to see her proposal in the Devcon forum.
The community is curated and powerful crypto art community in the world. So I hope the ArtGumi community will provide this opportunity in Bangkok in Nov.


Interesting project, really curious about what kind of ideas would there be inside the random curry bags.

Definitely looking forward to it!

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Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s quite a life changing journey in Web3. I hope to contribute to the community and create great fun experience for everyone.

Thank you so much Dango. I think there are so many ideas floating around and we hope the curry bag could be a way for people to give out some ideas they have as well as pick up random ideas from others. It’s like an idea exchange place, in a form of curry bags… (since we are putting them on the street food cart :laughing:)

Thailand is all about curry and it’s wonderful to turn that into art.


Very interesting, looking forward to it.


Thank you so much. On chain curry would also be interesting :laughing:

Thank you so much :blush: I hope to create something everyone could enjoy.

I’d love to see this happen! :star_struck:

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