Community Hub Proposal: Climate Impact

• Short description of the topic/cause for your Community Hub

The Climate Impact Community Hub would focus on providing space and time for stakeholders to meet together in person about ongoing subjects of research and collaboration. Filecoin Green, Celo and Toucan welcome the opportunity to take our learnings from organizing recurring events like Sustainable Blockchain Summit, Celo Connect Salon, and Re:Generate and to create an inclusive, accessible and vibrant connection point in the craziness of DevCon. We’re excited to be joined in this proposal by emerging ReFi pals Hyphen, Astral and disCarbon, and hope to combine forces with other proposers as it mutually benefits all of us.

• Outline what you will offer to the Devcon attendees; how you will make best use of the space
Formal and informal (un-conference style) working groups and learning circles

• Rough outline of your Community Hubs program and planned “opening hours” of your Community Hub

The Climate Impact community hub encourages tying together threads being explored across SBS, Celo Connect, Re:Generate and other community events across ETH conferences and beyond. We seek to foster collaboration within and across ReFi, social impact and public good projects, in particular creating space to bring in more diverse perspectives to ensure that standards, practices and far-reaching decisions our community makes are truly transparent and open-source.

Opening hours — approximately 10 am - 6 pm throughout DevCon, but may vary as each day’s schedule comes together.

  • Workshops

    • Merge 4 Climate

      • led by disCarbon (danceratopz and haurog), Filecoin Green (Marc Johnson and Alan Ransil), Toucan (James Farrell, Raphaël Haupt, John X, Beth McCarthy)
      • The Merge 4 Climate working group formed to begin the task of historical Ethereum offsets and "kickstarting a decentralized climate finance ecosystem on ETH 2.0,” with details outlined here. We hold regular calls and discussions in our Discord and hope to utilize the opportunity to meet IRL in Berlin and at DevCon to set rigorous production goals to begin shipping this initiative.
    • Green Data Standards

      • led by Hyphen (Miles Austin and Thierry Gilgen), Astral (John X), Filecoin Green (Marc Johnson and Alan Ransil)
      • In partnership with the world’s leading atmospheric agencies, Hyphen aggregates a wide variety of emissions data from multiple sources, standardizes these data sets, and makes them available for wider smart contact use to enable dynamic and validated products and services. Astral is allied in this mission as an open source research group focusing on the intersection of Web3 and spatial data. Filecoin Green joins in with their decentralized data storage for environmental assets: CO2.Storage to streamline the development of environmental assets and natively store them on Filecoin/IPFS.

      Creating standards and practices around these datasets, and the sources from which they emerge, is a hard problem for the industry that has proven to challenge COP delegates. In workshops initiating during Berlin Blockchain Week and extending into DevCon, this coalition around Green Data Standards hopes to bring in community perspectives on how to standardize these datasets and assess quality of sources. Sourcing and categorizing this data, and making it accessible to builders on the protocol level, is essential to legitimizing alternative verification and self-regulation solutions in our industry. We plan to develop and begin iterating on a framework for this together.

    • Carbon Emission Estimation and Methodology

      • led by disCarbon (danceratopz and haurog), Toucan (James Farrell, Raphaël Haupt, John X, Beth McCarthy)
      • For the first time, with the recent introduction of on-chain carbon credits, anyone can freely buy carbon credits and permissionlessly and verifiably offset carbon emissions. Previously, it was necessary to hire a company that had applied for and paid for access to a carbon credit registry. This on-chain carbon infrastructure allows for many possibilities, one of which is giving autonomy to event organizers to offset the emissions caused by their events.

      By tying together the efforts outlined in DIP-1, DIP-12 and DIP-17, disCarbon and Toucan are working to offset participant involvement in DevCon VI. But, as Toucan discovered through our experience offsetting ETH Amsterdam and ETH Barcelona, determining both emission calculations and offsetting procedure open complex cans of worms.

      • In this workshop, we discuss how to derive emission footprints for single and multi-day events, such as Devcon VI, including how to estimate the participant’s transport to the event location from their home city and country. Workshop participants will have the chance to use and compare various online tools available that can assist with event and flight emission estimates, after which we can discuss their ease-of-use, perceived accuracy and effectiveness. Subsequently, we will explain and discuss the methodologies used in these estimation tools and which parameters and event metrics are important to arrive at a reasonable emission estimate. In particular, we will discuss which method and parameters were used to arrive at Devcon VI’s carbon footprint.

        Finally, we will discuss which standards are available for emission estimation and whether they can provide best practices for users. We hope that this can provide solid groundwork for a replicable, iterative offsetting playbook for future use.

    • Collaboration Station

      • led by Celo (Daniel Olarte and Anna Alexa), Toucan (James Farrell, Raphaël Haupt, John X, Beth McCarthy)
      • Co-learning sessions on how teams’ “legos” fit together for rich and usable tooling
    • Collective Worldbuilding/LARPing

      • led by Toucan (Beth McCarthy)
      • This workshop series would zoom out from the technical focus of the other sessions for experiential collective imagining of the solarpunk/lunarpunk futures we’re creating together, utilizing methodologies and practices from LARPing and speculative fiction.

    All are welcome and encouraged to contribute to all of these workshops, and submit their own!

• List of dedicated people that will organise, oversee and be responsible for the Community Hub

- Filecoin Green
    - Marc Johnson
    - Alan Ransil

- Celo
    - Anna Alexa
    - Daniel Olarte

- Toucan
    - Beth McCarthy
    - James Farrell
    - Raphaël Haupt
    - John X*

- Astral
    - John X*

- Hyphen
    - Miles Austin
    - Thierry Gilgen

- disCarbon
    - @haurog
    - @danceratopz

• List of equipment/production needs (see what’s possible in the description above)
- Signage
- Limited amount of chairs or sitting furniture
- Power outlets
- Desks
- A TV-sized screen you can connect to via HDMI cable
- Whiteboards
- post-its and markers (can provide those)

• Some pics of analogous past events from propoers that were a success!


Beth, thanks for putting this together. As a participant at Re:Generate Denver earlier this year, I can confidently share that it was a huge success and that it’d be great to see more similar events. The rooms were packed and there was a vibrant enthusiasm among all attendees.

This proposal will help to further expand the climate x web3 movement already underway. The teams involved are of high caliber and the workshops appear impactful. For the people, the planet, and the future of web3, I hope this moves forward!


Thanks for your proposal Beth, this looks :muscle:


Looking forward to discussing and improving the approaches taken to estimate and offset the carbon emission of Devcon 6 with the community.


Awesome proposal, Beth! :sparkles: This is exactly what we need.


Looks amazing! Lfg regens :green_heart: we can do this!


Wonderful to see you taking the initiative to bring together so many wonderful people and projects to work together on building a more sustainable future! After all, we are all in this together and together is how we will achieve our common goals.

Thank you Beth for organizing this!


Wow! A great step to take.

These hubs are an essential tool to augment the scope of ReFi’s vision and impact.


Appreciate the hard work put into this, Beth! It’d be an amazing chance for the community to convene and help others learn more about ReFi.


Very excited by this proposal — +100 for creating an ecosystem space within Devcon for the regenation community to connect and progress.

It takes a lot of resources to bring people together physically, but the value created can justify the effort. This kind of a space will make sure that the trip is worthwhile, and do a lot to accelerate the ReFi movement. I speak from experience. I’ve seen these meetups — in Denver, London, Paris, Lisbon, Prague, and so on — bear fruit in so many ways. I’m especially excited by the group we’re bringing together as organizers.

I’d like to emphasize Beth’s point — that we “hope to combine forces with other proposers”. Once (if) we can secure a space for the week, we’d love to take ideas from the ecosystem on how to best use it as a place to build alignment. On the composable web, this kind of coordination is a key lever to pull to accelerate innovation and development — let’s use the opportunity to full effect.

I’ll be co-leading the KERNEL Regeneration Guild in the coming weeks, and can put a call-to-action within that community for ideas on how we can use an irl meeting space to make real progress.



:handshake::clinking_glasses: great job frens. Future looks bright


I fully support this proposal. It is great to see so many projects working together to build a more sustainable future and it is important to continue engaging key stakeholders as we work toward achieving our common goals. We are all in this together!


Thanks @beth_toucan for leading this!

It’s really exciting to see ReFi represented at Devcon with such a big community.

For **Collective Worldbuilding" I want to build a bridge between the Devcon CIC community and the ReFi event happening Oct 3-7 in Barichara Colombia as we work to regenerate a 500,000 hectare bioregion creating a replicable cultural and financial template in the process.

This event is emerging from the work led by local grassroots leaders and entrepreneurs and the help of Joe Brewer and the larger Earth Regenerator community to grow a regenerative economy.

The event will be a combination of site visits to local regenerative projects including coffee farms, waterfall rainforests, mercados libres y locales, and handcrafts workshops.

There will also be opportunities for technical workshops around carbon and eco credits, and DAO governance.

We are receiving support and partnership from ReFi Spring, Regen Network, Celo foundation and Ecolabs DAO to start and I would like to invite the global devcon community to participate and co-create.

Check out the links for a deeper dive into the territory.

ReFi Barichara Event

ReFi Barichara Twitter

Plan for regenerating the Barichara bioregion

The event is limited to 100 spaces and we are already bringing on the early bird participants. If you’re interested in participating you can sign up here.

As ReFi Barichara concludes the work still goes on. How can we bring these learnings to Bogota and share with the bigger Devcon experience?

Please share any helpful feedback.

P.S. I’m also happy to volunteer as back up barista at the CIC hub :smile:


Refi> Great proposal :call_me_hand:t3:

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Great idea guys. Keep it going

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This is incredibly innovative and exciting. Watching closely.

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I’m looking forward to learning more about Refi!

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I like this. Seems like the right direction. Voicing my support here.

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Fantastic proposal. I look forward to supporting this community and seeing them achieve their objectives.

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Having read through the proposal. I fully agree with it and look forward to seeing it get built and established.

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