Community Hub Proposal: Developer Office Hours

Please give a short description of the topic/cause for your Community Hub

A place for developers to talk with the Fe, Portal Network, and Snake Charmers teams. We would like to host office hours, round table discussions, and offer a forum for user feedback.

What will you offer to the Devcon attendees?

The main things we would like to offer are:

  • Office hours
  • Round table discussions
  • User feedback

We envision this hub to be a space for community members to come and ask questions around tooling, the Portal Network or Fe. We would be open to supporting and talking with anyone using any tooling, not necessarily Python/Fe/Portal Network specific, but the hub will be staffed by those people. Anyone who might be curious about our projects or web3 development in general can come swing by and talk to different team members. We would also like to provide help to existing users who may be building something and stuck. It would also be a place for the teams mentioned above to get feedback from community members, and host discussions in a round table format.

Some examples:

  • Folks interested in trying out a beta of Portal clients at the command line, or hooking it to a browser wallet. They might have environment setup issues, or not know the right syntax to swap Infura out of Metamask
  • Devs who write Python that uses to make on-chain calls, but get stuck on dependency issues or a quirk of type handling
  • (Early adopter) contract devs looking to experiment with Fe, but unfamiliar with common strategies for resolving errors produced by the Fe compiler

Add a rough outline of your Community Hubs program

Oct 11 - Devcon opening hours - Fe team
Oct 12 - Devcon opening hours - Portal Network
Oct 13 - Devcon opening hours - Snake Charmers (Python Dev tooling)
Oct 14 - Devcon opening hours - General Office hours

List the people who will organise, oversee and be responsible for the Community Hub

Main points of contact will be myself, Jason Carver, and Grant Wuerker

List the equipment or production needs (see what’s possible in the RFP)

* Signage
* Limited amount of chairs or sitting furniture - maybe seating for ~15-20 people 
* Power outlets
* Desks
* A TV-sized screen you can connect to via HDMI cable
* Whiteboards


This is Kuan Huang from Uniswap. I was going to create a proposal to host a developer space that’s similar to this proposal. Since the purpose and content is very similar, I will just reply here.

It would be awesome to have more space for more teams to meet developers. I know a few other NYC based teams would be interested in this opportunity to answer questions & discuss ways to best support developers as well.


Hey Kuan - it’s Jun from EPNS. We’re thinking about the same thing :slight_smile: Would love to co-host the space for the developer community. Let us know what you think.


I am totally down!

Hi franzihei, any chance we can have more space with the same idea?


nice - that’s awesome to hear!

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Hey guys! Amazing to see so much traction on this! Unfortunately, the space we have available for Community Hubs is very limited and we want to make them as diverse as possible, so I don’t think we can give you more space. However, I’m currently shuffling around different options with production and will keep you posted!

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Appreciate that you are looking into the options. As the biggest gathering of ecosystem developers, Devcon is just too valuable for anyone here to miss!

Hi there!

General update on the process: The RFP is open until end of this week. Shortly after this (beginning of next week), we will share which Community Hub proposals got accepted and will work with those accepted teams to fine-tune the proposals / hubs.

Thanks for the update @franzihei! If this gets accepted, we are definitely game to share the space to allow more dev teams to come and hold their own office hours.

Great proposal, @kclowes! I think this a wonderful idea and looking forward to seeing it come to fruition at Devcon!

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@franzihei any updates on that?

Hi there,

We would like to thank you again for putting together this proposal!

The space allocated to Community Hubs is limited which means we can only accept six proposals.

Many of the proposals we received were very high quality and, unfortunately, we had to take hard decisions. There is simply not enough space to accommodate all of them.

With this post, I’d like to inform you that your proposal was not selected for this year’s Community space.

However, giving more developers and infrastructure projects a place to represent their topics and have office hours for question is an excellent idea and an important topic for Devcon this year.
I’d like to highlight two alternative opportunities here:

  1. There will be a chance for many public goods to be represented in our Impact Fair! Many public goods and infrastructure projects (like the Snake Charmers, Fe & Portal Network teams) have already been approached to take part in this and I’m happy to follow up on the opportunities of that separately.
  2. A more generic developer meet & greet / Q&A could be organized independently as part of the open evenings at Devcon. This year, the Devcon venue will stay open for much longer than usual, which allows for people to meet up and exchange ideas even after the main programming is over (see Meet Continuous Devcon — Devcon Bogotá, Oct 11 → 14 for more info on that).

Again, thank you for showing initiative to contribute to the Devcon Bogotá experience and we hope to see you there soon nonetheless.

Have a great day,

Franziska & the Devcon team

Cross posting here what I also posted in the web3 Developer Communities discussion:

Would be great if we could have a Dev Community meetup / Developer Q&A one of the evenings!