Community Hub Proposal: Temporary Anonymous Zone

A space dedicated to privacy and anonymity. We’ll have information, discussions and experiences related to choosing what you reveal, where and when - both on and offline.

Possible experiences

  • Give anonymous on-chain feedback
  • Try out social media platforms offering various levels of anonymity
    • ZK-chat
    • Zkitter (formly
    • Unirep social
  • Learn about privacy-preserving technology and techniques
  • Join a TAZ (Temporary Anonymous Zone) Semaphore group to be used as proof-of-humanity to participate in future experiences
  • Office hours with teams building privacy- and anonymity-preserving tools and apps
  • Mask-making (paper doll style) station for people who want to go anon IRL :smiley:

Discussion groups - potential topics:

  • How to build trust and community in anonymous environments
  • Privacy vs “perceived privacy” - common pitfalls and how we avoid them
  • Normalizing privacy in daily life
  • Interpreting privacy language - how companies try to convince you that something is safe and private
  • Culture differences in attitudes toward privacy
  • Open call to the community - what would people like to discuss?

Opening hours: 9am-5pm, or longer if we have support and interest from other teams.

Equipment needed:

  • Signage
  • Desks/tables
  • Power outlets
  • Seating for discussion groups
  • We would want some laptops for people to play with tools and apps - we can look into renting these ourselves if the Devcon team isn’t able to provide them.
  • A larger screen wouldn’t be a necessity but if it’s available we could probably do something cool with it :slight_smile:

Organizers: EF Privacy and Scaling Explorations team - Althea (comms) will take lead, support from design team (Rachel, Chiali) and the rest of the team as needed. PSE team will make sure there is coverage in the community hub during open hours. That said, contributions/participation by other teams working on these issues would be very welcome! We’d love to hear from anybody who wants to add to the experience.


Hey @catsnacks - Thank you for this awesome proposal!