Cryptomurals - Street art hunt

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@ng-rgb @csjoanna

Create a graffiti tour in Bogotá for Devcon attendees that includes a digital experience in form of “Street Art Hunting” to reward them with a memorial NFT of Devcon 6.

Technical needs

  • Design the experience of the Street art Hunt to find 3 geolocated murals.
  • Design the website to enable people to complete the colombian map.
  • Develop the NFT platform to claim / drop the complete memorial NFT.

Artistic needs

  • Pay to 3 high quality graffiti artists to develop the digital image
  • Paint the 3 murals in 3 strategic spots.

Street art tour

  • Guided street art tours from the 11th to 14th October for Devcon attendees

This is an update of our previous DIP


Hi @Rose & @Natalia_Madrid
Here is the final version of the Street art hunt / tour that we will submit as formal DIP.

@ligi We already check the GitHub with @csjoanna and we would like to submit it on the GitHub by tomorrow.
Just to be sure, we will use this number “1040” to include on the fork as the ID of the proposal, or should we receive a formal DIP number?

Thanks !

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Hi @ng-rgb

Thanks for submitting a current version here. It would be great if you can plug it into the format of the DIP in Github.
I think @ligi can assign you the correct DIP number after you created the proposal.

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Sounds great :slight_smile:
Thanks @Rose

yes I will assign you a DIP number after you submitted - but a bit wondering - where did the number 1040 came from?

@ligi So I have to do first the fork and then you will give us the DIP number ?
I saw on the process it is necessary to have the right DIP id in order to do the fork, may i misunderstood.
For the 1040 number, I just took it from the link of this DIP Cryptomurals - Street art hunt - #3 by Rose

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ah now I see - where the number is coming from - but no they are not coming from the forum but from github.
You can just submit without a number and then I give you one. If you are fast you can also just take DIP-23 which would be the next up and is a nice number.

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Got it.
We will do :slight_smile:

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Hi @ligi we’re ready to fork the DIP-0,
is it still available the DIP-23 ?

@Rose @ligi just did the fork :unicorn:

Hi @ligi I got the pull request and would like to ask you some questions, how can I talk with you ?

in the PR, here, email, via [matrix], … so many options :wink:

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The fixed PR is here:
LMK if this looks good to you - then I can merge and we can discuss it tomorrow in the DIP call.


That’s awesome @ligi thanks so much.
Let’s merge it :fist_right::boom::fist_left:

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We’re committed to public goods and here we’re at the Gitcoin Round 15 :seedling:
If you wan to support our mission on this round please follow this link Cryptomurals - Street art as public good | Grants | Gitcoin

See you soon on the streets of Bogotá :love_you_gesture:

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