Devcon 2024 Agenda on Swarm, with Fair Data Society and BrianKnowsAI

Swarm is a decentralized storage and communication system that was initially incubated by the Ethereum Foundation.

Fair Data Society is an initiative for decentralized self-sovereign data commons.

BraianKnowsAI is a non-custodial AI assistant for performing transactions, and a Swarm Foundation grantee.

This DIP follows the Devcon 2022 Swarm DIP:

Hosting the website with the agenda of DevCon on Swarm/FairData Society.
The building blocks would be: Fairdrive App, FairOS DFS Fair Data Protocol, Swarm Bee Node, BriankKnowsAI.

This would make Devcon’ website decentralized, censorship resistant and privacy preserving, and would make Devcon’s digital efforts aligned with its principles and values.

Adding BrianKnowsAI to the 2022 proposal would help the user experience in performing transactions to buy the tickets, schedule management and would allow users to ask questions while attending the event, i.e. “Brian, when is Vitalik speaking?” or “Brian, what’s account abstraction?”

Please note that this is a very high level proposal, and any questions regarding the implementability, the architecture, and the building blocks will be addressed here.

Disclaimer: the author of this DIP (Costanza Gallo) works for the Swarm Foundation.


Sounds very interesting! Can you submit a new DIP with the details?

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Here you go

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Awesome! Merged - we will discuss about the DIP in the next sync (Thursday)

Is the ETHRome usage of BrainKnowsAI still available somewhere? Would be nice to try it out - but I cannot find it anymore.

Hi @costgallo, thanks for submitting these DIPs again for upcoming Devcon. Excited to continue the work from last time and further integrate with Swarm.

Few initial questions

  • Are you suggesting to host the entire Devcon website on Swarm? The current website, and app are relying quite heavily on several server (Next.js) features, e.g. caching, SSR, etc. which I’m not sure are easy to transfer to Swarm (static hosting), but would love to learn more
  • Either way, I think pushing important content, files, our video archive, programing, etc. to decentralized storage is more relevant. Especially for composability, and integration with new experiences like BrianKnowsAI
  • Just learning about BrianKnowsAI as they announced public beta today. This seems quite interesting indeed. Are you familiar with adding data sourcing to it? Will this go through Swarm, or what is the relationship here between BrianKnowsAI and Swarm?

Also happy to schedule a call to discuss further details if that makes sense.

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Hello! Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

A call to discuss this further would be an amazing idea, when would you be free?

  • Yes! I’m suggesting to host the entire Devcon website on Swarm, we can explore it more in details in a call

  • BrianKnowsAI is a project that was born at EthPrague, they’re currently a Swarm grantee.
    From them “for askbrian (the web3 chatgpt inside the Brian app) we have our own knowledge boxes of resources (docs, articles etc.), we embed the files of these knowledge boxes on swarm, and in this way, anyone can see what are the resources and eventually recreate that kb, in effect making it a ‘distributed’ kb. Currently, only the Brian team can create new knowledge boxes and upload files, but we are working to make it “permissionless” and allow anyone (a single person or a project) to create their own kb and manage them through our platform.”

Thank you!!


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