DIP-4 A treasure hunt game for Devcon

I opened a PR for developing a treasure hunt game for Devcon, you can find it here:

Comments welcome!


Digitible would love to make commemorative NFTs for the treasure hunt. we did this with Josie’s


Nicely-written DIP! I’d love to see what the community can come up with for possible integrations!


Excited to see this at Devcon! Just had a call with @POAP and as they are very keen on physical POAPs came up with this idea:

  • make the last level a “geocache style” one and it will contain a bit of swag and a physical POAP (or maybe even combine it and make the swag contain the POAP - e.g. special mug with POAP QR printed on it)
    LMK what you think.
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That’s a great idea! The integration would be also quite simple, since we won’t have to change the logic of the game.