DIP-4 A treasure hunt game for Devcon

I opened a PR for developing a treasure hunt game for Devcon, you can find it here:

Comments welcome!


Digitible would love to make commemorative NFTs for the treasure hunt. we did this with Josie’s


Nicely-written DIP! I’d love to see what the community can come up with for possible integrations!


Excited to see this at Devcon! Just had a call with @POAP and as they are very keen on physical POAPs came up with this idea:

  • make the last level a “geocache style” one and it will contain a bit of swag and a physical POAP (or maybe even combine it and make the swag contain the POAP - e.g. special mug with POAP QR printed on it)
    LMK what you think.

That’s a great idea! The integration would be also quite simple, since we won’t have to change the logic of the game.


hi @vrde
Just checking in how’s it going, and if you need anything from Devcon side.

I know you were already in contact with @ligi and the Treasure Hunt proposal was revived.


Hey @Rose! Thank you (and thank @ligi) for reviving the proposal.

I would like to ask you a few questions:

  • We would need the topography of the congress center, do you already have it?
  • Will there be satellite events? Would be interesting to include them in the treasure hunt?
  • Would be nice to have a list of some POIs (historic places, beautiful parks) around the conference that are easy to reach and explore.
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Hi @vrde great!
Coming back to you with answers to your questions soon :slight_smile:

Regarding the historic places and parks, gonna ask the team members that are based in Bogotá.
Maybe it’s also possible to find some interesting spots on maps. The venue is the Agora Bogotá Convention Center.

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Hi @vrde

Coming back to you with answers to your questions.

  • I shared with you 2 Notion pages (you got an invite per mail), one showing the congress center’s topography, and the other is a list of places around the venue.
  • We will announce the satellite events at the beginning of August. So while it depends on the community to organize some, we are optimistic that there will be satellite events :slight_smile:

One other thing:

We’re planning to create a playground in the venue with a fun and high-energy vibe, and with games like table football, gigant jenga, arcade machines, bike simulations to create energy (those are just possibilities). Could it be interesting for you to use and create a part of the playground for the treasure hunt?



Thanks for adding me to notion, I’m taking a look now.
Regarding the playground area yes, it can be used for the treasure hunt :slight_smile:

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