EthLATAM Community Hub

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Please give a short description of the topic/cause for your Community Hub
Sharing the reality of Latin American countries, as local communities involved on web3 development and how this has been impacting in different regions.

How Ethereum helps to build an alternative ecosystem and empower people from LATAM, such as incentivizing public goods and using stablecoins to distribute remittances and wealthness.
A guide for more Latin American people to find our communities and a safe place to learn, build and be part of the Eth Ecosystem.

What will you offer to the Devcon attendees?
We will offer a vivential, immersive and impactful hub; with interactive and testimonial videos, music, panels, chats and surprises. (Merch, getting to know the EthLATAM official animated cartoon…and more.)

This is the beginning of content in Spanish uplifting the local talent from Latam building the Ethereum Ecosystem, which is going to be shared as a podcast and video interview.

Add a rough outline of your Community Hubs program

This will be having a vivential, immersive and impactful hub interacting with all people’s senses, starting with a green and natural environment with music, people will be able to touch plants and activate music while walking through the EthMap, and learn about the impact of Ethereum in each country, with help of IPADs or a virtual map in the floor.

This will:

  • Show the particular experiences of each country
  • How Ethereum has impacted people’s life in each region of LATAM

And we are going to offer panels to share and discuss about each region’s experience and impact; also talk about public goods, how they work and how you can get one.

At the end of the journey, people will receive a surprise in a Magic Box in the form of the Eth logo and will receive stickers, merch, POAPs, etc.

Also, a Digital Map where people share their thoughts about how Ethereum has impacted their country, or ideas on how Eth can help.

List the people who will organise, oversee and be responsible for the Community Hub

List the equipment or production needs (see what’s possible in the RFP)
We need an agency able to design an interactive experience for:

  • Music installation
  • Internet
  • Easy access to power
  • Screens
  • Plants decoration
  • Touch screen with a directory of local communities
  • Recording space for interviews with local leaders
  • IPADs or tablets

Hey all! This proposal sounds really nice to me. :slight_smile:

General update on the process: The RFP is open until end of this week. Shortly after this (beginning of next week), we will share which Community Hub proposals got accepted and will work with those accepted teams to fine-tune the proposals / hubs.

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Hi there,

We would like to thank you again for putting together this proposal!

With this post, I’d like to inform you that your proposal was chosen for this year’s Devcon Community Space!*

*To be exact, your Community Hub will not be located in the Community Space area directly, but also on the ground floor not far aways from it, at the Chiva bus! We made this choice to be able to squeeze in one more hub (7 accepted proposals in total instead of 6) and thought it could fit well with the ETHLatAm community!

What’s next?

  1. In order to confirm the commitment from your side we would like to ask you submit a DIP in our DIP repository. This is for us to keep track of all community initiatives and will also show your Community Hub in the DIPs section of the website (Contribute — Devcon Bogotá, Oct 11 → 14).
  2. We will work together with our production team to get you the exact dimensions of the space and other production details.
  3. We will get back to you on details of your envisioned program and will try to support you with feedback as best as we can to help you bring a great experience to Devcon!

Again, thank you for showing initiative to contribute to the experience and we can’t wait to see your Community Hub come alive at Devcon Bogotá!

Have a great day,

Franziska & the Devcon team

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