NEW: Suggest your city for future Ethereum gatherings!

Two years ago, when we were scouting for a location for Devcon 7, we asked the community for their location suggestions. We received over 20 submissions for different cities, and the breadth and depth of the proposals were amazing! :star_struck:
We ended up considering your suggestions not only for Devcon, but also for Devconnect, and most surprisingly, we were not the only ones to use your location suggestions to inform ourselves on regional communities around the globe!

:earth_africa: This year we are broadening our search from the start: We invite you to propose cities for future Devcons, Devconnects, and other Ethereum gatherings! :earth_americas:

Devcon and Devconnect are only two of MANY Ethereum events that take place around the year. Your proposals might attract attention from other event organizers who might be guided by similar criteria.
Your submissions have the potential to foster new connections and collaborations within and across Ethereum communities! They can make others in your region aware that there is an active community in your city, and they can be an impetus for local communities to start collaborating on meetups and bigger events.

We invite you to make a case for bringing Ethereum events to a new region or city and submit your proposal here in the Forum.

Note: Though this is just a survey and not a vote, we hope that this process can help teach us and the ecosystem about locations that we had previously not considered, or didn’t know enough about, or that it might shed light on ecosystem preferences.

How to submit your proposal & make it stand out

  1. Research First: Look at existing location suggestions from the community here in the Forum.
  2. Add Value: If your city is already proposed, enrich the existing thread with unique insights.
  3. New Proposals: For unlisted locations, create a new topic under “Suggest your city for future Ethereum gatherings!” using the specified template.
    • Include resources, links, graphs, and pictures to bolster your proposal.
  4. Community Engagement: Bring others to the Forum to discuss. Convince those around you that the city you’re proposing has the existing means to host great Ethereum events, and also explain how it would benefit the larger Ethereum ecosystem and community!

We can’t wait to read your proposals!

Devcon team :unicorn: