Propose Locations in Southeast Asia for Devcon 7

Update: CLOSED for new submissions. Let’s keep the discussions open! Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals for Devcon 7 location! :heartpulse:Thank you South ETH Asian community for your enthusiasm and participation! :heartpulse:

This is the place to make your suggestion for the location of Devcon 7!

What is this survey about?

Devcon’s journey has taken the event from Berlin to London, Shanghai, Cancún, Prague, and Osaka. And each location has brought something unique to the developer conference and to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Devcon VI is taking place this year in Bogotá. Where should we host Devcon 7? We want to hear this from you, the Ethereum community!

We (the Devcon team) want to use this survey to gain insight on communities and locations that we may not be aware of, and to provide an open platform for people from Ethereum’s global community to make a case for bringing Devcon to a new region or city.

Note: This survey is non-binding, since the ultimate decision on Devcon’s location must be made by the organizing team and with many factors in mind. Still, we hope that this process can help teach us about locations that we had previously not considered, didn’t know enough about, or that it might shed light on ecosystem preferences.

Why does Devcon’s location change each year?

  1. To introduce the global Ethereum ecosystem to new or growing communities.

  2. To give local Ethereum communities access to more frequent or long-term participants.

  3. Devcon has the potential to catalyze the growth of newer Ethereum communities.

  4. To give focus to developing regions around the world where Ethereum can have the most impact today.

Key criteria for Devcon locations

Your proposal will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Existing grassroots Ethereum communities
  2. Located in a country/region where Ethereum can have an impact today
  3. No/few visa restrictions for entry into the country
  4. Venues with modern amenities and capacity to host between 5-10k+ people
  5. Ease of travel (both international access, but also locally in the city)
  6. Affordability of organizing and attending
  7. Safety and political stability of the region
  8. Comfortable climate during Q3/Q4
  9. Proximity of venue to attractions or center of the city

How to submit your idea?

  1. Create a New Topic under the category Devcon 7 Location Suggestions
  • Use the topic template!
  • Add resources, links, graphs, and pictures where possible
  • Have a look at the Example Template
  1. Publicize it and gather feedback from the community in the Devcon Forum
  • Bring others on the Forum to discuss. Convince those around you that the city you’re proposing has the existing means to host the next Devcon, but also explain how it would benefit the larger Ethereum ecosystem and community!

We’re very curious about your ideas!

Devcon team :unicorn: