NFT tickets with Mego tickets

Mego Ticket is a web3 native ticketing platform for a seamless event productions.

There’s many ticketing solutions available, so this DIP is to offer users the possibility to buy their Devcon ticket on the platform of their choice, ensuring thus complete transparency and true decentralization.

Adding Mego as an option, would be a way to not only have a web3 native ticketing platform, but also to engage the community, by integrating a platform that has been bootstrapped by the Italian - Sicilian - community.

Disclaimer: the author of this DIP is an advisor for Mego tickets.


Just wanted to try it out and got this:

Screenshot from 2024-02-24 13-01-07

The password was “]`E4I>!xor\w<1@i/Cb+FInf6” - so pretty sure it is quite strong. Also it should be “Password is not strong enough”.

Not a good first impression tbh.

Also please read: Onchain tickets powered by Unlock Protocol - #12 by Deva as it also applies here.


HI @ligi, Seb from MEGO here, you found a strange bug but now it’s solved! Thanks for sharing, let me know if you need to understand better something regarding the platform.

If needed you can book a call with me by taking this free NFT (A calendly link will be shared after the redeem process):

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