Tokenizing Carbon event at DevCon 2022

Let’s plan some events around decarbonization and the tokenization of carbon into NFT’s in in Bogota in October.

Shall We schedule a talk, or a panel on October 13th? I am happy to organize it and Recruit some speakers.

Additionally I will be hosting a blockchain carbon and crypto event in Cartagena Columbia on October 15th after devcon.

Tom Herman


I would love to see some more ReFi / ReGen convos at and around Devcon. FWIW Devcon runs from October 11-14 — so may want to plan any side talks/events in the evening or before/after Devcon.


Where can we see the events that are happening in person and where they are?
I’m not sure how to get involved and I’m thinking about going to Bogota for this, but I don’t know if people will be there etc.

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hallo Skylar, very happy to connect on this! We at Toucan would love to revisit the Regenerate coworking x connecting x workshop day that we held in Denver, and were suggesting for DevConnect (but the format there didn’t quite work as we discussed at the time <3).

it would be super cool to bring this back for DevConnect!

Inspo from the Denver event:

&& the DAOist Lisbon 2021 workshop track, which had a similar format of concurrent co-learning workshops:

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That proposal of face to face events would be great in Bogota as the ecosystem around carbon is maturing at a good pace with all the commitment from the government and some of the large companies. we would love to be involved

Neat! This could be a good use of a community zone! We’ll be sharing more details about those soon!


Hello there Tom!

Bree from I would absolutely love to contribute to anything that will help create more awareness and engage improvements on the framework as well as technical infrastructure side for this.

Was speaking to a contact at Gitcoin about maybe holding a chapter of Schelling Point at DevCon Bogota, which would include carbon-based projects but also a wider spectrum of impact projects.

What do you think? Is there a community group on Telegram where we could have more high-touch discussions?

Hi Bree. Great to hear. I’m learning that this event is sort of more like an “Un-Conference”. Seems very community driven. Is there any kind of physical event venue in Bogota?

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Beth, If we do a panel discussion on Tokenizing Carbon, would Toucan put someone on the panel?

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We have rented a very large Catamaran in Cartagena for the weekend after DevCon and invite anyone to join us for a day of sailing out to the Rosario Islands on the 15th of October. It’s going to a Cartagena, Carbon and Crypto Cruise! A full day and lunch on the ocean.

ALso, we’re thinking about hosing a discussion panel at the Aviario Nacional on Crypto and the Environment.


yes definitely, both our founders Raphaël Haupt and James Farrell should be there so would be keen to speak!

Shall we co-host a tokenzing carbon dinner? I’m not 100% sure of the format of the event yet, or the location or what.

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But we have 2 staff in Bogota who can help us. I’m sure I can get another corporate or two to host something with us.

It would be great to get Carbon Offsets associated with the POAPs for attending!


hallo Skylar, anymore details yet on this? :smiley:

hallo Skylar, anymore details yet on this? :smiley:

Announcing in the next 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:


Any news? I’ts been a few weeks, I’d love to learn more about the carbon neutral plans for the event! And to help make it happen!

hi @tokenizerofcarbon

Happy to share news about the Devcon Community Hubs with you!

Community Hubs are dedicated spaces, which selected community groups and initiatives will be able to (to a certain degree) shape on their own. By enabling a handful of communities to create, discuss and display content of their choice we pave the way for a more decentralised and community-driven Devcon.
We’d love to see the Ethereum community bring a Regens Community Hub together. I see tokenizing carbon being part of it.

You can find the RFP for the Community Hubs here.

Additionally, you might want to have a look at the DIP about Carbon Offsetting opportunities for Devcon attendees here.


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Hello greetings from Colombia. I tell you that we are working on a carbon bond tokenization project, we have an alliance with some indigenous communities to tokenize more than 3000 hectares of native forest. We want to organize a tour so that Devcon participants can get to know the country with the greatest biodiversity per square meter in the world. Among these places, they will visit Biolumen, the DAO, which aims to be the headquarters of all decentralized communities. I would love to help, here is my email to see if we can schedule a call

hi @2thefinalfrontier2

That sounds pretty interesting! Do you have some links to get some more info about the project and the DAO? That would be great!