Community Hub Proposal: Design Community Hub


This collaborative Design Community Hub proposal from various designers in our community (see contributors below!) proposes a gathering space for all things design at Devcon. Designers, creatives, founders, developers, and curious minds can stop by and learn more about the design process through interactive, engaging activities, or take a break from the conference chatter to create and play. :woman_cartwheeling:t3: Inspired by the design room at Devcon Prague, the Design Community Hub would be the space where:

  1. Designers can hang out and meet each other
  2. Hosts design orientated interactive activities, experiences and intimate breakouts like Onboarding and User Research Programming
  3. Becomes the meeting point for developers and founders to engage with designers or see various design processes showcased through activities
  4. Provides a break from “conference” chatter and transforms into a cool makerspace (making music, screenprints, etc) for the curious to play

:stadium: Audience:

The Design Hub will serve as a space for anyone to stop by, but we anticipate a particular focus on:

  • Founders & Developers who are interested in learning more about Web3 design or meeting designers
  • Designers interested in meeting other designers or using the space as a hangout or meeting point/room
  • Artists and other creatives interested in making or meeting other creatives
  • PMs or Marketing folks who may want to join user-centered vibes

:kite: Programming & Activities

How can we make it a cool place for people to come by? The various programming and activities are designed in mind for interaction of all personalities, from the introverted to extroverted.

:spiral_notepad: Programming

Below are proposed sessions, a day-by-day schedule in the works:

  • UX Audits (@amy-jung): 45 minute sessions where founders/developers are paired with a designer for 1:1 product/protocol feedback.
  • UX Research Advice (@georak): 60 minute window every day, for anyone to drop in on a group discussion with a user researcher on tactical recruitment or interview question writing.
  • Basic How2 of UX Research (@Diegomazo): Session covering topics like How2 select the right user, How2 do a interview guide, How2 run an interview, How2 analyze, How2 share it with the team/client
  • Meet with a Designer (@jouni): Pre-booked meeting times for early stage founders/builders to request help from designers on a specific topic ahead of time.
  • Lockpicking (@georak): Try out lockpicking!
  • Music Jam Session (@jonny): Come make some music and jam
  • Web3 Designers Onboarding Breakout (Mind the gap between web2 and web3) (@Diegomazo): Breakout for new designers to onboard onto the web3 space or buy-in for founders looking to meet and hire designers/researchers.

:crystal_ball: Other Activities & Resources

  • Ad Hoc Meeting Corner: Ad hoc sessions where people can breakout to have discussions. Example: Field Day Gathering Space, The Future of Web3 Design (trends, tools and tips) (@Diegomazo)
  • UX Research Resource Pack (@georak ): QR code people can scan and get example discussion guides and cheat sheets
  • Free Booklet/PDF on Teaching Empathy (@jouni)
  • Hiring Board: A board for people to post work opportunities
  • Physical User Research Survey (@hesterbruikman): An easy, visual activity where people passing by the hub can contribute to research (for example, candy in a jar for voting one form or another). People can leave contact details for a digitized version of the results and option to sign up to participate in further user research studies.
  • Collaborative Mural: Big canvas where people can contribute
  • Makerspace Corner (@amy-jung): An area with materials (like raspberry pis, paper, VR Tilt Brush, etc) dedicated to creative exploration and making
  • Interactive Games: Sit down for a few moments to play chess, backgammon, twister, solve rubrik’s cubes, and more
  • Coffee / Matcha / Kava Bar: Sip and chill

:hugs: Contributors

List of dedicated people that will organize, oversee and be responsible for the Design Community Hub:

:sled: Equipment/Production Needs

Below is how we imagine the space being segmented:

  1. “Breakout”: Quieter, slightly closed off area with a chill, circular seating (couches, beanbags) to create intimate, smaller group breakouts. Option to connect to display / projector.
  2. “Play-Station”: More structured area to play with 3-4 smaller tables, 1 Large Table. To be used as a makerspace, games area, hold printouts / resources.
  3. “Slow Stir”: Smaller area next to the Coffee/Matcha/Kava bar for 1:1 conversations
  4. Outdoor access (if possible)

Equipment details are optimistic and expected to be finalized depending on the space:

Equipment Provided by Devcon? Lead
X# Power Sources / Extension Cable Yes?
1 Display or Projector Yes
Monitor for (UX Research Advice) Yes?
2 Couches, 3-4 Beanbags (Depends on size of space) Yes?
Strong, reliable, (preferably one dedicated to the space) wifi! Yes?
3-4 Smaller tables, 1 Large Table (for Surveys, UX Audits, Workshop Materials) Yes
Plants (for vibes) Maybe?
Speakers (for music jam, background music) Maybe?
~3 Whiteboards (one will be used for hiring board) Yes
Extra Large Wall Paper (Collaborative Mural) Maybe?
Pens, Sharpies Maybe?
Post it notes Maybe?
Posters / Signage Yes Maybe VectorDAO can help design some?
Makerspace Materials (raspberry pis, paper, VR Tilt Brush,) No Partner being finalized
Coffee / Matcha / Kava Bar No Need to find a partner
Games (chess, backgammon, twister, rubrik’s cubes) No Partner being finalized

We’re excited! Hope you are too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for pushing this through @amy-jung been waiting for it! For context, there are more talks of having Music have it’s own presence at the event so maybe Jonny can tap into that as well Music Sessions | Open Mic Stage - #19 by Rose.

In addition, if the event venue already had it’s own play, music, puzzles, and coffee areas, would you still want those included the UX Hub?