Impact DAOs and ReFI Community Hub

Please give a short description of the topic/cause for your Community Hub

We propose an Impact DAOs and ReFi community hub that showcases new impact protocols and approaches to solve socio-economic problems and fund public goods using Ethereum. The hub will be a dedicated space for information on Impact DAOs.

In addition to providing an overall landscape on the breadth of emerging ImpactDAOs, the community hub will spotlight new innovations in the ReFi or regenerative finance movement that are using Ethereum-based solutions and DeFi primitives to solve long-standing entrenched social problems.

The idea is to showcase proven Impact DAOs, builders and their impact. The goal is to create awareness, inspire action and encourage others in crypto to build for positive impact amongst the most active builders.

While using Ethereum for social impact is not a new discussion, in 2022 we have seen the paradigm shift from “potential” to “proof points.” This space will highlight builders that are already proving out how to use Ethereum/financial primitives to tackle long entrenched challenges such as poverty, climate change, access to health and human services, crowdfunding, direct donations, and more.

The space will focus also on educating other builders and protocols around how they can integrate with and support Impact DAOs and social causes, and elevate a conversation around using these innovations to advance meaningful projects in Ethereum community.

What will you offer to the Devcon attendees?

  1. Talks by Impact Builders and Beneficiaries (featured talks on climate, financial inclusion, philanthropic funding, and other topics based on community responses)
  2. ReFi / SDG Builders Hackathon
  • A hackathon that aims to hack together ways to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals with supporting solutions and projects featured throughout DefCon.
  • The SDGs selected for the hackathon to be addressed will be selected and voted on by the public via Twitter
  • We will ask DeFi protocols and builders to “dream in public” about how to deploy their solutions to support impact causes
  1. 1:1 Advisory for Builders on How to Build for Impact
  2. A free book on How to Build Impact DAOs packed with practical information and 12 case studies

Add a rough outline of your Community Hubs program

10 - 11 am Presentations by Impact Builders

11.30 - 1.30pm: Open Session + Hackathon

3 to 4pm: 1:1 clinic on Impact DAOs and ReFi Space

List the people who will organise, oversee and be responsible for the Community Hub

Impact Women DAO leaders and builders will be at the forefront of this space.

Deepa: Founder Crypto Good Publication + Co-author (to be published) How to Build Impact DAOs
Anna Stone: Co-Founder, GoodDollar
Jessica Salama: Community Lead at GoodDollar
Xochitl Cazador: Ecosystem Lead & Social Impact,
Alona, Co-founder Ukraine DAO

In addition to the core leaders, we will build a schedule to “(wo)man the booth” with core contributors from ImpactDAOs and projects that will be in Bogotoa and at DevCon for the week.

List the equipment or production needs (see what’s possible in the RFP)

Folding table, 10-12 chairs, Mic, 2 screens with Mac connection


Let’s go for it. REFI AND IMPACT DAOS. I support the proposal :+1::+1:. We can add a live streaming to it because I think people will watch globally. It’s great one for the Defi social impact world.


thanks I’m mobilizing some more female founders so will be updating the names there soon :slight_smile:


I would be honored to stand alongside other impact-first builders addressing SDG issues such as reduction of poverty, increase in access to capital markets, and access to basic needs.


hi ReFi friends,

I’m the originator of the Climate Impact Community Hub proposal & wanted to reach out across our fellow climate/public goods/refi proposals to see if y’all wanted to combine forces for a super successful ReFi hub.

Messaging each refi-related post separately but with this message as I’m not sure the best way to tag everyone so apologies for any repetition – please have a look at our post and let me know if you’d like to collaborate!

We (Toucan, Celo, Filecoin Green, Astral, Hypen and Discarbon) would love to see how we can work together for the best possible regenerative space. Please message me on Telegram @ontologymachine or email, or even better reply here, so we can look into getting that ball rolling if you’re up for it. Can’t wait to hopefully meet y’all in DevCon, and online before if you’re down to collab <3



Hi team! I really like your proposal, @Sinouhe1 & myself have already joined two proposals (Regens unite and ReFi Amazonia) I would suggest you to join us, it is better to work together to have the best ReFi Impact experience we can imagine. Lets us know!


Yes this would be excellent :star_struck: :shamrock: @diegomazo89 @Sinouhe1

(just realized that although I got a notification here, our convo on the same subject is actually in another thread – apologies if i responded to a post not intended for me)

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Hi @beth_toucan @diegomazo89

We love Toucan and think it would be great to combine Regen efforts if we can make that happen for the DevCon community.

Double the regen power / space led by women, yes please!

ay ay! - let’s move into a common group!


lets join forces we are also looking for access to the conference.

@dchow @Anna_Stone please connect with @diegomazo89 @Sinouhe1 on steps here as i’m about to be offline for the next week :tent: :evergreen_tree: would be awesome to connect with more women in the space though and hope that we can streamline if it makes sense logistics-wise!


hi @Anna_Stone Lets build together! we are organized in Regens Unite discord Regens Unite
Go first to 1. Convenant (click writing icon) 2. get involved (click Colombian flag) 3. Find the Bogotá channels, scrolling down the left menu.
We are ready to build together! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We would like to thank you for putting together this proposal!

The space allocated to Community Hubs is limited which means we can only accept six proposals.

Many of the proposals we received were very high quality and, unfortunately, we had to take hard decisions. There is simply not enough space to accommodate all of them.

With this post, I’d like to inform you that your proposal was not selected for this year’s Community space.

That being said, there will be a dedicated ReFi / ReGen hub (see Proposal to organise a Regens Unite gathering at Devcon - #25 by franzihei) and it probably makes sense for you all to collaborate!

Again, thank you for showing initiative to contribute to the Devcon Bogotá experience and we hope to see you there soon nonetheless.

Have a great day,

Franziska & the Devcon team

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Hi @diegomazo89 I made my way into the Discord and intro’d myself… don’t yet have the permissions to post in the Bogota channel.

Either way I am there and hope we can collab for the good of all!

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