ReFi community hub - ReFi Amazonia

ReFi Amazonia - Devcon VI Bogotá

ReFi Amazonia is a space to grow with others who have the same interest to flourish the ReFi ecosystem, find new species, learn natural dynamics and balance your collective soul with daily positive impact addressing relevant problems through the use of regenerative finance.

ReFi Amazonia will be lead by the following principles:

  1. 100% circular & regenerative. No waste permitted (tangible or intangible).
  2. Everyday impact. You need to leave the hub better than when you arrived (building new relationships, sharing knowledge, recycling, helping others…)
  3. Giving before getting. Focus on how you can support other regens.
  4. Rethinking new forms of capital in the community.

Activities in the ReFi community hub:

  • Curated Firechats (1 topic per day, 45 min)
  • ReFi Futures co creation sessions ( 3 sessions during the week, 1h)
  • Regen Speed dating projects ( everyday during breakfast, 10 min)
  • ReFi 101 Lunches (everyday, 30 min)
  • 1 to 1 matching for long term mentorship (at any time)


  • Grass floor (artificial/natural)
  • Puf outdoor chairs. They will be intervened by local artists, last day it will be an auction to support local education initiatives.
  • Plants / Green atmosphere. They can be replanted after the event around the city.
  • 1 TV for presentations.
  • 2 Whiteboard and 10 markers.
  • If possible powered by renewable energy.

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm. Covered by the team through the day

Team (open to new members):

  • Diego Mazo
  • Estefania Granados
  • Luis Roa
  • Fabián Pulido
  • It is open to any ReFi soul

Hello! I would love to help out with the ReFi Hub :hugs:


Awesome Obreewan! We are happy to have you in the team

Hi @diegomazo89!

Thank you for this proposal and congrats on being the first one to post in the Community Hub category! :seedling:

I’m Franzi, part of the Devcon team and responsible for the Community Hubs!

A ReFi community hub sounds really interesting to me in general.

A couple of questions:

  • Why is it called ReFi Amazonia?
  • What would be one liner be for what attendees can learn/explore in your Community Hub?
  • Could you give an example for the topics and content provided as part of a fireside chat or a co-creation session? Did you yet have specific projects and individuals in mind to contribute there?
  • What would you offer outside of the “program” (fireside chat, co-creation session etc) - Will there be any educational content available or will this be the place for people to gather who are interested in ReFi?
  • Your core team currently looks a bit small, do you have other projects and people in mind who could help? (Keep in mind the Community Hub should not be unoccupied during the opening times)
  • How do you and your core team connect to ReFi? Would love to understand a bit of each of your background (one-liner) re. ReFi!

Looking forward to learning more :slight_smile:

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Hey! would love to help how can i contribute

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Hi Franzihei!
ReFi Amazonia is the combination of the main theme of the hub + the Amazonia (Amazon rainforest area in Spanish language) which has a spiritual nuance where all the different species and indigenous communities co-live. Indeed the most regenerative place in the Earth.

One liner: Come to learn about the regenerative principles applied to Web3 projects and build with us to make real impact in the world.

Examples of topics: 8 forms of capital, carbon offsetting mechanisms, ReFi community education, ReFi smart contracts, real world cases to apply ReFi…
Cocreation session were imagined as Futuristic workshops, e.g. How ReFi can become a crypto primitive? Where do we imagine ReFi in 5 years? What kind of impact do we want to happen?

ReFi Amazonia is designed to become the meeting point in Devcon for all ReFi enthusiasts.

The team is small indeed. We are publishing this proposal to gather new ReFi lovers to join us. The team is completely open to anyone who want to join us. We preferred to share it with you first, and simultaneously gathering new members of the team.

The initial members of our team (Estefania, Luis, Fabian & myself) work together in Tropykus. We are a Latinamerican project focused on providing better savings options and fairer loans to excluded audiences in the current Latinamerican financial system.
Estafania and Luis work in marketing and events, and Fabian and myself work in product and community. An important part of our effort is on community education around Latam (from Cuba to Argentina) in collaboration with Platzi and environmental conservation in collaboration with Saving the Amazon.

Let me know if you need more details.

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Hey there! Already responded in the ReGens Unite thread, but will also post here in case people don’t follow the other thread.

Awesome to hear you guys are collaborating now! :partying_face:

General update on the process: The RFP is open until end of this week. Shortly after this (beginning of next week), we will share which Community Hub proposals got accepted and will work with those accepted teams to fine-tune the proposals / hubs.

I’d like to explore how we might conspire for good - where chocolate, technology and impact networking can support reforestation & peacebuilding.
Check your inbox

hallo ReFi Amazonia,

I’m the originator of the Climate Impact Community Hub proposal & wanted to reach out across our fellow climate/public goods/refi proposals to see if y’all wanted to combine forces for a super successful ReFi hub.

Messaging each refi-related post separately but with this message as I’m not sure the best way to tag everyone so apologies for any repetition – please have a look at our post and let me know if you’d like to collaborate!

We (Toucan, Celo, Filecoin Green, Astral, Hypen and Discarbon) would love to see how we can work together for the best possible regenerative space. Please message me on Telegram @ontologymachine or email, or even better reply here, so we can look into getting that ball rolling if you’re up for it. Can’t wait to hopefully meet y’all in DevCon, and online before if you’re down to collab <3


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Hey, I would like to help