RFP-6: Programming requests


This RFP is a call to engage the community in enhancing the programming for the upcoming Devcon SEA in November, with recommendations for tracks, topics, talks, and speakers.


Enhance Devcon’s programming by:

  • Engaging the community in early stages of programming ideation
  • Improving the quality and diversity of topics covered at Devcon
  • Soliciting recommendations for tracks, topics and talks that reflect the community’s wishes


Devcon 6 Tracks: Layer 1 Protocol, Layer 2s, Developer Infrastructure, Governance & Coordination, UX & Design, Staking & Validator Experience, Security, ZKPs: Privacy, Identity, Infrastructure, & More, Opportunity & Global Impact, Cryptoeconomics.

All talks from previous Devcon editions can be found in the Devcon Archive: https://archive.devcon.org/archive/

What topic/theme(s) would you like to see at Devcon this year?

e.g. EIP 4337, Restaking, new governance models

Based on last years tracks, what would you remove, add or change?

e.g. Merge “Layer 1 Protocol” with “Staking & Validator Experience” or “Add a Layer 3s track”

Do you have any specific talks you would like to see at Devcon?

e.g. 30min of Ethereum by Vitalik, a non-ethereum talks about the open-source movement

Do you have any other programming suggestions?

e.g. “More workshops!”

:arrow_right: Please respond by posting your comments below.

We would like these answers to be public and invite discussions and debates.


Have you ever dreamt of hearing from a specific speaker at Devcon ?
Here is your opportunity to suggest them:

We are looking for:

  • Speakers who might not naturally apply to speak at Devcon, and who have never spoken at Devcon before, but who embody Devcon values.
  • Key opinion leaders from other communities promoting open-source software values
  • Being Ethereum-related is not required.
  • Bonus points for suggestions of Southeast Asia speakers.

Think of advocates of censorship-resistance, privacy, transparency, collaboration, freedom, meritocracy, accessibility, education and security. It can be developers or leaders from web1&2, innovators working on other paradigm innovations, regulators or government people who embrace similar ethereum values, nonprofits, NGOs, academics, artists, advocates for solutions against climate change, economic inequalities, war, hunger etc.

:arrow_right: Submit your speaker suggestions below or via this form https://suggestdevconspeaker.paperform.co



I’ll share a couple of ideas

New tracks

  • Consumer Apps (AA, L3s, UX/UI, Use cases)
  • Public Goods (Impact, Financing mechanisms, Collaboration)

Current tracks improvements

  • If a talk in tracks like cryptoeconomics, Layer 1 Protocol, Infrastructure, etc. has direct relation with some area in the endgame roadmap add the tag in the Devcon Program
  • Classify talks according the level of the audience

Networking Activities

  • Round table panels for attendees (L2s, Modularity, AA, Privacy, etc)
  • Tournaments (soccer, chess, battleship, whatever!)

I’ll keep updating this post if something pop up in my mind!

See you at SEA!


What would be great is some leadership soft skills trainings on how to seed and start a DAO from scratch. Enrolling early key people, increasing participation from key token holders and how to handle sticky situations.

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Great suggestions Ariiellus!

This is definitely something we want to put forward this year.

I do think tags would be very helpful as talks often fall under many themes/topics/tracks; using various techs at different layers. 100%

We had this in previous years. We asked speakers:
“How would you rate the difficulty of your talk/workshop?” and they could choose between: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

On this, did you attend Devconnect? Discussions corners were made for this and quite successful in my opinions :eyes:

Thank you again for sharing, and extending your suggestions to more than just content, great thoughts.


My first devcon was Cancun and what stood out to me at that time was the futuristic aspect of Ethereum and this whole ecosystem.

I’d love to see Futurology talks and tracks at this upcoming Devcon.
The type of content you would find at https://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology

Live music at the venue’s chill spots would also be cool.


Quantum computing is an exciting development that’s set to shake up the world of technology, including how secure things like blockchain technologies—such as Ethereum—are.

Right now, Ethereum and other blockchains use complex mathematical problems to protect transactions, keeping everything safe from hackers. But quantum computers have the potential to solve these problems much more quickly than today’s computers, which could make current security methods vulnerable.

For Ethereum, this means its underlying cryptography, which secures everything from transactions to smart contracts, might one day be breakable if quantum computers reach the necessary level of sophistication. Ethereum uses cryptographic methods similar to Bitcoin’s, such as the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), which could be compromised by quantum algorithms like Shor’s algorithm.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! The crypto community is actively researching new types of cryptography that quantum computers can’t crack, known as post-quantum cryptography. These new methods will need to be integrated into Ethereum through updates that might require broad agreement from the community, possibly leading to significant changes (or “hard forks”) in how Ethereum operates.

In a friendly nutshell: While quantum computers could challenge the security of networks like Ethereum, the bright minds in cryptography are already on the case, developing new technologies to keep blockchain secure and functional in the future. So, while the quantum leap might sound a bit intimidating, it also pushes us toward even stronger security solution.

We should definitely prepare Ethereum to the future.

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gm guys, this is Noah from da0 Taiwan, recently participated in Pagoda efforts, am driving DID, DAO research and RPGF efforts forward in the region.

There are two themes and talks that we’d like to see this year.

  1. Decentralization/Ethereum in Asia : There have been a lot of historical context in Asia that can be of reference for decentralized governance (Japan & Taiwan opensource communities, Hong Kong decentralized efforts and groups, Korea’s public goods/charity funding platforms), I believe examining the historical references, also looking at what decentralization can bring to various societies in Asia would be a great direction.
  2. Decentralization/Ethereum to mainstream : I am currently working on DID for Taiwan, I think it’d be helpful to share our progress on how decisions are made between accessibility and decentralization, when we want the society as a whole to adopt such a solution. Exchanges and other use cases have been facing this for a while now as well, an update on these decision choices might also be helpful.

Amazing to see you here Noah.

Fantastic suggestions, right where and how we want to focus. If you have specific speakers in mind for these topics, feel free to suggest them using this form: https://suggestdevconspeaker.paperform.co/

Thanks Nethan! will fill out the form, thank you.

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I think it is worth making a talk on ethereum scams that’s been going around and rising a question what can we do Devs and UI developers to prevent scammers from stealing from users


This is absolutely something we want to cover at devcon, probably within the “UX & Design” track (or similar).
Security solutions and best practices should also be discussed for sure.
If you have specific speakers or talks in mind on the topic, feel free to suggest them using the form: https://suggestdevconspeaker.paperform.co/

I believe it’s crucial to spotlight the recently finalized #ERC223 standard with Ethereum users
Dexaran Would love to share his Ideas

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Hey Devcon SEA Team,

Really stoked about the RFP call! I’ve got an idea that could really level up the engagement and tech spread at the conference. How about embedding blockchain and NFT elements right into the session tracks?

Imagine this: each session features a unique QR that lets attendees snag some crypto tokens from major Ethereum projects like Uniswap, MakerDAO, or Aave. We could run this on a slick L2 solution like Arbitrum to keep it smooth and fast.

This setup not only hooks up devs and attendees with a hands-on crypto experience but also spreads the wealth with practical blockchain applications. It’s a win for educating and a big step toward democratizing access to the tech.

Looking forward to possibly chatting more about this and getting into the nuts and bolts!

Cheers, Ric

I love this post. I would add that for Consumer Apps, it would be great to have a sort of plan on like which app are already working, already have some adoption, what is missing for their adoption and who is working on it and how.

Regarding the other parts, honestly, last Devcon was so amazing in terms of planning, it was just out of this world! Loved it. What would be great thought is to have pods with tvs that actually show each track, with enough place each time for 20-30 people to sit and comment and discuss in there. Some sort of local interactive pods. indeed, during the last devcon, a lot of tracks were overflooding with people and it was a hassle to join some of them.

Great post!

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Speaker suggestion: Dexaran (https://twitter.com/Dexaran)

Topics: ERC223, security in smart-contract development and improvements of Ethereum governance.

Dexaran was believed to be The DAO hacker in ETC community The Dexaran Interview - Ethereum Classic, in 2019 he launched one of the biggest protocol level attacks on EOS EOS Network Congestion by DDoS Analysis | EOS Go Blog which froze its mainnet for almost a month and he criticized the Ethereum Improvement Proposals process from security point of view Modification of EIP process to account for security treatments - Process Improvement - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Recently he stated that he will be able to join Devcon to speak about token standards and ERC223 https://twitter.com/Dexaran/status/1783859729124438076 so it would be nice to hear about smart-contracts security or may be some other ideas or experience of a ex-hacker there.

New Tracks

  • Social Layer as an Incubation Protocol—witness how Farcaster as a protocol have transformed the founder, VC, builder and dev experience where for the first time we had permissionlessly accessible yCombinator-like composable network of idea markets thereabouts

  • Decentralized Science with regard to longevity/ senescence, synthetic biology, neuro-tech/ -science given the rise of permissionless access to research, and funding thereof in the last couple of years (see the recent ZuConnect tracks.

  • Fee Markets Mechanisms / Blockspace Incentivization IMHO deserve a track of its own given the rise of orderflow mechanics and teams approach thereof with recombinant innovations derived from rather based quarters of the traditional finance

  • Crypto Hardware—especially in the wake of recent developmen across shared sequencing, TEEs, and the like


  • Anything on the intents-based frameworks and legal/ alegal waters thereof by figures such as Laurence E. Day
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Hey there, proposing to add a track on Crypto Data Analysis.

This track could cover everything from Ethereum-specific data models and analytics tools to understanding market dynamics through on-chain activity.

IMO, sessions could include:

  • Advanced Analytics for Smart Contract Data: Techniques for extracting and interpreting smart contract events to better understand user interactions and contract efficiency.
  • DeFi Data: Ensuring transparency in DeFi projects by leveraging data analytics to track funds and smart contract interactions.
  • On-chain and Off-chain Data Integration: The integration of disparate data sources for holistic insights.
  • And workshops on real world use-case of crypto data!
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Interesting idea ! Thanks for your suggestions alphemy.

Thank you as well gokhan, this is great. Let me give some feedback on each track suggestion:

This topic must be covered indeed. TBD if it’s wide enough as a track or should it be covered as a topic or a set of talks.

AFAIK we only had a few DeSci talks, and we we did, it was always linked to Ethereum.
It’s interesting to explore as a topic, but probably not Devcon to cover it extensively. Let’s see what submissions we receive!

It would be to cover that in what was the "Cryptoeconomics track last year! We might have something along these lines this year as well…

Yes! Great topic to cover in a “ZK/Cryptography” or similar track

One thing that I would like to see is a workshop space where various Ethereum Staking protocols could staff a “How do I become and Ethereum Validator?” or “How can I run a full Ethereum Node at home” booth. There was a big push in Bogota to “run a full node” but there was little education and technical training to participants to learn how. I do recall only the Ethereum on ARM workshop.

I bet if we asked a number of the permissionless Ethereum staking protocols to take turns staffing the walk-in desk and have them give how to run a node workshops I bet they gladly would. Example protocols might be ETH Staker, Ethereum on ARM, Rocket Pool, DIVA, DVT protocols like SSV or Obol, Lido CSM, etc. At ETH Denver I helped the Rocket Pool host a few “How to run a node” workshops that were well received by the attendees.

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This sounds AWESOME, count with Nektar’s and Diva’s support, we did something like this in the staking summit and was super well received.

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